• Jacob Davis
    Jacob Davis J21 LS NEXT!
  • Berkbigler Cape Fair Demo Car
    Berkbigler Cape Fair Demo Car
  • Mark Todd 31
    Mark Todd 31 House Car - Come see us at I-55 Raceway!
  • Baldwin Racing Engines
    Baldwin Racing Engines We offer a full service machine shop and dyno service! Need a freshen, we can do that as well.

Our Engines

We custom build and modify engines for your performance needs. Demolition Derby, Dirt Track, Asphalt, Drag or even Pull Truck!  Need a freshen or rebuild, we can handle that as well.  Only a few are listed since every engine is customizable. If you can't find what you are looking for, give us a call. 573-788-2329

355 Wicked Team Show Raffle Car Engine - Call for info!!

The Wicked Team show raffle car engine has been ran this past weekend, ran great and now it is for sale, full roller 355, great power and torque curve. This one will make someone a good little engine at a discounted price, 5250.00 is what we are asking, contact us here at the shop for more details, 573-788-2329.

Congratulations and Great Job to all of our winners this weekend!



  • 53 Belair
  • 355 Derby Engine
  • 423 Drag Engine
  • 383 Derby Engine
  • 355 Street Engine
  • 385 Derby Engine


53 Belair on the chassis dyno.  It has a  355 with a small blower, it made 475hp and 651ftlbs

Here is the latest 355 on the dyno, 410.7hp@5550 and 457.0@3000

The 423 made 589.5hp and 621.5ftlbs, nice little sbc for a Nova drag car

We are tuned in and ready with the newest of the 383 derby engines, it ended up with 464hp@5500 and 515ftlbs@3500.

AFR headed 355 making 511hp and 475ftlbs on pump gas

428hp and 525ftlbs, 2 barrel Holley 500

Recent News

Congratulations to team Blizzard Bash for the big win!

Congrats to Matt Shilling, Ryan Simpson, Sam Williams and Jesse Keehl for the big win at Hot Rocking 4th!!

Great Job Travis Goodman for bringing in the win!

Congratulation Travis Goodman for the big win at St Francois County Raceway!

Baldwin Racing Shirts!

Give us a call to pre-order shirts! 573-788-2329

Conratulations Travor on your 1st at Bicknell!!

2015 Willy's Superbowl Win!

Congrats to Colby Brandon on the first win of 2015 with the Willy's new Super Bowl system!

Great Job on 1st, 2nd and 3rd!!!

Mark Cioppa. Ben Haust. Josh Wetmore Ben Haust gets the Maddog.

Congratulations Wyatt!

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Demolition Derby Engines Sport Unique Build Strategies

Engine Labs

Demolition Derby cars are no longer 200,000-mile junkyard scraps begging for a final breath of internal combustion.

“Now they’re custom-built racecars,” notes Jeff Baldwin, whose Baldwin Racing Engines has developed a niche market of building specialized 400-plus-horsepower bullets for cars that will get the snot beat out of them before going to the recycler.




Baldwin Racing Engines has a shop car to test new ideas in motors for demolition derby competition.

These aren’t warmed over crate motors or refurbished claimer engines scoured from a dirt track. Instead, every derby engine out of the Baldwin shop is assembled from the ground up with new parts. And there is a specific strategy to go along with custom parts just for this crowd-pleasing application.

“Mainly, you’re trying to keep the engine running without water,” explains Baldwin. “The radiators get taken out early, so it’s who can stay running the longest.”

The two most popular engines are 355ci and 383ci small-block Chevys. Starting price is around $6,500 but they can last over multiple seasons with minimal maintenance.

“We’ve got one in right now for a refresh that the guy raced for three years,” says Baldwin, who also builds potent engines for dirt track, truck pullers and other popular competition vehicles in the Midwest.


Three views of BRE engines secured inside Ski Inc. protective armor.

Helping with the heat management is a conservative approach to compression ratio, loose tolerances, thermal coatings and oil squirters for the piston undersides and the camshaft.

“We cool the piston as much as possible and make sure the cam is well oiled,” explains Baldwin, who’s been in his Friedheim, Missouri, shop since 2002.




BRE has adapted the Willy’s Super Bowl fuel bowls that don’t require a float, needle and seat.

Traditional babbitt cam bearings will start melting around 370 degrees, says Baldwin, leading to a common engine failure. So his shop developed a special cam bearing to “resist the problem.”

Cam timing and head selection are focused on low-end torque with induction choices geared toward snappy throttle response. On the top end, engines will rev between 7,000 and 7,500 rpm. A 383 full-roller engine with Dart cylinder heads and 500 cfm 2-barrel carb makes over 425 horsepower with 475 lb-ft peak torque. This engine will start out with a new GM block fitted with an Eagle rotating assembly, ARP fasteners, Fel-Pro gaskets, Melling oil pump, Champ oil pan, DEC truck-pull style headers, MSD ignition and Cloyes timing set.

BRE builds 355ci and 383ci engines for demolition derby events.

Protecting the engine is a custom Ski Inc. cradle that can be installed from car to car as fresh scrap heaps are safety prepped for action.

“The biggest thing is keeping the ignition and carb safe to keep the engine running,” says Baldwin. “We use the Willy’s Super Bowl on the carb because it doesn’t need a float, needle and seat.”

Don’t assume that all this effort goes for little reward at the end of all the metallic slaughter on the track. An upcoming race in Kansas will hand $20,000 to the winning team, and next year another event is expected to pay $30,000 to the champion. That’s more than the Pro Stock winner earns at a NHRA event.