Any and all parts sold by Baldwin Racing LLC is intended for RACING PURPOSES ONLY!  If you have a warranty issue, please call us or the manufacturer. We will work with you to help solve your warranty claim according to the manufacturer’s policies and solely at their discretion. For a warranty claim, most manufacturers only pay for product replacement or product repair. Any additional costs, such as shipping, installation, removal, loss of use of vehicle or engine, etc. are not covered by manufacturer’s warranties. Purchaser acknowledges that due to the differing conditions and circumstances under which parts and equipment are installed and used that suitability of the items purchased rest solely on the purchaser.



Engines built and sold by Baldwin Racing LLC are for RACING PURPOSES ONLY! Any engine sold incomplete (including short blocks and long blocks) or not dyno-tuned at Baldwin Racing LLC does not qualify for any kind of warranty coverage. All claims will be handled in a “case by case” manor at our discretion for resolution.

Warranty will not be honored and void if any of the following occurs, Overheating or any other heat related problems, Bearing failure due to lack of maintenance, Pre-Ignition or Detonation, Engine being altered from original state in which it was shipped or if the engine is disassembled without permission from Baldwin Racing LLC. If there is an issue the engine must be returned to Baldwin Racing LLC for diagnosis.

We are not responsible for rod to cam clearance on any product if the cam is not installed by Baldwin Racing LLC. Engines must be tuned with the same fuel system and ignition that will be used in the final application.

We do guarantee craftsmanship on all products. Every engine is balanced and machined in house. We do send a dyno sheet and bob weight card with every engine. Please review both of these and let us know of any concerns before final assembly or break-in.

The purchaser of our product assumes responsibility for final installation. Please make sure all components chosen are compatible.