Dart 31837211 LS Next Engine Block


Dart LS Next Engine Block

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Engine Block Style: Stock/OEM standard deckDeck Height (in): 9.240 in.Cylinder Bore as Shipped: 4.125 in.Maximum Cylinder Bore Diameter: 4.200 in.Engine Block Material: Cast ironMain Journal Type: LS mainsMain Bolt Style: 4-boltMain Caps Included: YesMain Cap Material: SteelMain Cap Fasteners Included: YesMain Bearings Included: NoRear Main Seal Style: 1-pieceFinished Cylinder Bores: NoRaised Cam Location: NoCam Bearings Included: NoFreeze Plugs Included: Yes*See the download tab for tech information

Dart’s LS Next block is the first significant change in the architecture of the LS engine platform. By eliminating the “Y-block” design and utilizing conventional style main caps and oil pans, Dart has addressed the problems resulting from the LS engine’s separated crankcase bays. Windage is greatly reduced, resulting in increased power along with a much stronger main web area.
Dart’s LS Next block is cast in the USA with premium cast iron alloy Conventional style 4-bolt steel main caps with 7/16” bolts are used Full main webbing for maximum bottom end strength Cylinder barrels are extended by .375” at the bottom, providing greater piston support for all combinations 9.240” deck height, with options of 9.450″ are available which allows for a possible effective barrel length of 9.825” deck block Extra thick Siamese cylinder bores allow for large displacement capacity, and a max bore size of at least 4.200” A 5/8” thick full deck design with a 9.240” deck height Six head bolts per cylinder provide secure clamping for power adder applications Head bolts are upgraded to 7/16” for increased strength Blind head bolt holes don’t go through into the water jacket Provision for oil restrictors in the lifter valley • Revised low restriction priority main oiling system Pro-Stock / Pro-Mod big block style stepped main oil galley An external oil filter must be used with stock or aftermarket oil pumps Dual starter mounts The water jacket on the #1 cylinder has been expanded for additional cooling capacity LSX style lifter bosses and dog bone provision are provided
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