Holley 200 GPH Dominator In-Line Billet Fuel Pump


Electric 200 GPH In-Line Fuel Pump
Street/Strip Carb or EFI Applications

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Holley’s Dominator™ in-line fuel pumps are the answer to feed some serious horsepower!!  Have a nitrous or forced induction powerplant that also sees street duty? The patent pending twin pump design allows you to use one pump for cruising and both pumps when you activate the nitrous switch or start building boost!  By staging the second pump, you eliminate the unnecessary recirculating and heating of extra fuel which can lead to poor performance and hot fuel issues. As an added benefit for the hard core enthusiasts that run events like the Baja 1000, and Hot Rod Power Tour, the extra pump offers you confidence you always finish what you start! For hard core race vehicles, both pumps can be wired to get maximum performance. Pumps are proven with 18.5 volt compatibility at pressures up to 80 psi. They weigh half a pound less than competitive 1000+ horsepower pumps yet have twice the features, at 5.1lbs!


  • Billet aluminum construction for durability and good looks
  • 10 AN O-ring inlet/outlet for high flow and superior sealing
  • Fully submersible in-tank for custom applications, space savings and less plumbing
  • Excellent for use with carbureted or EFI applications
  • Compatible with 12v to 18.5v systems for street or race use
  • Twin pump design allows the use of both pumps simultaneously or independently – second pump can be activated on demand for power adders such as nitrous or boost
  • Proven durability beyond 3,000 hours in gasoline or diesel fuels
  • Compact (7.66” Long x 5” Wide x 2.5” Tall) for easy installation on frame rails or other tight areas
  • Current draw at 43 PSI and 13.5 VDC is 17.2 Amps
  • Not designed for use on aircraft of any type.
  • Weighs only 5.1 lbs.
  • Patent pending dual pump technology


*Pump gas compatible for intermittent or under 90 degree ambient temperature use
Pump gas use recommendations:
• This pump is compatible with pump gas, but is not recommended for street driven vehicles where the ambient temperature is regularly above 90 degrees
• For street driven vehicles in high temps with pump gas, Holley recommends part numbers 12-1200 or 12-1600 for optimum hot fuel handling
• Proper fuel system engineering is critical for maximum performance. Please see Holley Fuel System Chart for information about proper installation of your fuel system.
• To reduce fuel temperatures and vapor lock issues, it is recommended to operate these pumps using one pump for daily driving and low power levels and bring the second pump in with a pressure switch or other device when fuel flow needs increase. This will reduce heating of the fuel load by eliminating excess fuel circulating to the front of the vehicle, thru the fuel rails and back the tank.
Will work with E-85!
These pumps do not have an internal bypass. A bypass style regulator and return line are required.
This pump is not designed to use a standard conical seat style union in the inlet or outlet of the pump. Example: Part # AT981510ERL. Use of this style fitting will block flow and WILL lead to poor performance and pump failure. The ONLY correct fitting to use is a contoured port fitting with an O-ring seal such as :Part # AT985010ERL.