Holley BILLET 105mm LS Throttle Body w/ Straight Bore


LS 105mm TB with cable driver without taper


Holley’s Billet LS Throttle Bodies feature multi-port injection, MPI with Venturi Diameter of 105.00mm. This 105 version is ideal for all turbo, supercharger or big cam engine applications when your throttle is wide-open. Known for their ease of installation and tuning. They feature TPS clocker, closable PCV Passage Valve to accommodate forced induction applications (no more plugging to block off PCV), idle bleed adjustment and a straight bore (no taper) minimizes turbulence and allows for maximum airflow.  Made of Billet aluminum, finished in Black anodized and has the cruise control provision.


Fits the following intake manifolds:

  • Holley 105mm Hi-Ram
  • Fast™ LSXR
  • Fast™ LSXRT
  • MSD® Atomic AirForce
  • Most other 102 through 105mm LS intakes using 4 bolt TBs

Gaskets are included.