Holley BILLET 105mm LS Throttle Body w/low RPM Taper


Holley  BILLET 105mm LS Throttle Body w/low RPM Taper


Whether running a supercharger, turbo, or big ol’ cam, Holley Throttle Bodies are maximized for your application. They provide ultimate air valve for GM LS engines. An all-new design boasts a 95mm or 105mm bore for wide-open throttle (tapered option offers low-RPM drivability for the street), idle bleed adjustment, PCV passage defeat valve, and throttle position sensor clocker that helps maintain proper idle voltage (especially on modified engines).


  • Cable-driven throttle plate
  • Aluminum construction
  • Anodized black
  • Idle bleed screw adjusts idle without affecting throttle position or TPS voltage at idle
  • PCV passage valve setting provides easy PCV block-off on forced induction applications (no need to tap & install plugs to block PCV)
  • TPS “clocker” prevents idle adjustment issues related to throttle sensor by allowing sensor to be rotated back to ECU’s required idle voltage range

Fits the following intake manifold:

  • Holley 105mm Hi-Ram
  • Fast™ LSXR
  • Fast™ LSXRT
  • MSD® Atomic AirForce
  • Most other 102 through 105mm LS intakes using 4 bolt TBs