Specialty Machining Services

  • Custom engine building
  • Engine rebuilding/updating
  • Serdi multi-angle performance valve jobs
  • Cylinder head milling & porting
  • Rottler cylinder head resurfacing
  • O-ring cylinder heads
  • CWT engine balancing
  • Rottler block align honing
  • Block boring & CNC honing
  • Lifter boring
  • Stroker clearance
  • Blueprint block
  • Block decking
  • O-ring block
  • Sleeving
  • Flycut pistons



Boring & Honing


Block & Head Resurfacing

Cylinder Head Rebuilding

Cylinder Head Rebuilding

Engine Dyno

Baldwin Racing Engines is proud to announce that we have added a SuperFlow Powermark Engine Dyno to the shop. Every engine will be run, tested and tuned on the dyno before it leaves, to ensure it is top quality.  Our SuperFlower Powermark Engine Dyno uses the the latest Software. This allows us to monitor the horsepower and torque, volumetric efficiency, air fuel ratios, water temperatures, water pressures, oil temperatures, oil pressures and even blowby.  Depending on the engine, customers may bring their own engines for dyno tuning as well.

Holley EFI Installation & Tuning

Baldwin Racing Engines is a Certified Holley EFI dealer, we sell, install and tune Holley EFI systems.  Give us a call so we can help you get the most out of your Holley EFI system and increase performance with your car.